5 Tips to select the right Exchange Where You Can Bitcoin with Debit/Credit Card

Estonia is the only nation on this planet where the cryptocurrency exchanges are authorized to buy bitcoin with debit card or credit cards. The government issues licenses for the same, and the process to file the application and obtain it is not complex everything is done online. This is probably the reason there are so many electronic currency exchanges out there where you can easily buy bitcoin with credit card or debit card. But, with so many options, deciding on the right one seems like a big hassle. However, to your good fortune, in this article, we’ve rounded up tips to follow to make the right decision. 

#1 Authenticity and Reputation

In Estonia, anyone can set up their cryptocurrency exchange website or App, the procedure to get the license in Estonia is fairly simple. Therefore, it is your due diligence to select a crypto exchange you can trust. It is advisable to conduct an online search over the Internet to gather information with regards to the reputation of the exchange. Make sure you go through a handful of reviews but do not trust every customer feedback blindly as they may be part of their marketing strategy,

Moreover, cryptocurrency exchanges are operating in Estonia illegally, so to stay clear of them, you’ll have to ensure you read the about us page, don’t forget to drop an inquiry to the exchange to check how they respond. 

#2 Methods of purchase

The methods for buying digital currency vary one exchange to another. Most crypto exchanges in Estonia allow trade via bank transfer, some have PayPal, others allow credit and debit cards, and some exclusively use digital currency to buy.

On the off chance that you don’t have any digital money before joining an exchange, it is fundamental that you opt for a crypto exchange that accepts fiat cash so that you can enter the crypto market.

#3 Trade fees

Exchange charges and fees structures contrast across different trading websites, which is basic while choosing a digital money exchange. A few exchanges offer limited expenses. This happens when a trade’s own token is utilized to finish exchanges. Likewise, it can identify with what number of tokens are held. Others just charge an exchange expense on deals, allowing buys liberated from expense.

#4 Volume and Liquidity:

At the point when you decide on the crypto trade, you should take a gander at the volume of exchange that the trade usually gets. The primary explanation behind anybody to begin utilizing a trade is to begin their excursion in the crypto exchanging world. If the exchange doesn’t get a ton of exchanging volume, at that point the chances to put winning exchanges, additionally decline. In this way, you are making it trivial to select that specific trade.

A large portion of the more established exchanges offers a high liquidity rate in contrast with the more up to date exchanges. In any case, there are a couple of remarkable exchanges that have offered more liquidity than huge numbers of trustworthy exchanges too. 

#5 Customer support

When searching for any digital money exchange, it is essential to check its client’s assistance too. In the event that you imagine this is a service that you will infrequently utilize, you could very well be mixed up.

The client support is one of the most utilized administrations on any crypto exchange out there. Ensure that the exchange that you choose to go with gives all day, everyday client care support.

By picking an exchange that offers help constantly, you can be assured that your issue will be settled at the earliest. Excellent client service is additionally reliable when you experience an issue in your digital money venture.

While the vast majority of the digital money exchanges do offer a live visit client care include, some of them don’t. 

Weighing all the factors

While selecting a digital money exchange, it is critical to weigh all the above factors and make the best bet. Exchanges are on the wholly unique and various methods for building security safeguards, managing clients, assembling their system, and building a client experience.

Would you like to add something to this list or want to share your personal experience using a crypto exchange, connect with us via the comment section of this blog post!

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