BuyBitcoin24 Launches New Feature to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card Instantly in Estonia

Crypto users can now buy bitcoin with credit instantly in Estonia thanks to a new service dubbed BuyBitcoinInstantly. The site’s goal is to provide crypto traders with a platform to further their digital asset activities. Buying bitcoin with credit/debit has faced challenges over the years as a result of fraud. Several exchanges have even remained against the idea of debit cards. However, the advent of anti-fraud mechanisms has seen a few crypto exchanges open up to debit and credit cards in recent years. The exchange providing bitcoin-credit card services allows clients to buy bitcoin instantly with a credit card in Estonia.

Estonia has positioned itself as an influential digital currency nation and passed them to legal status. The nation’s government has licensed several crypto exchanges and wallet services to camp operations. Furthermore, there are no corporate taxes on crypto revenue. All of which factors are contributing to a healthy bitcoin ecosystem in the nation. This mini-guide will help you buy bitcoin instantly with a debit card in Estonia.

Open a Trustworthy Bitcoin Wallet

A wallet will store you bitcoins. The storage will be as long as you want, and the coins will be readily available whenever you might want to exchange/spend them. Digital wallets are diverse, and a client must put high considerations on the security features. The client has to make sure their bitcoins are safely locked and are not subject to loss.

Choose a Legit Bitcoin Trader

The second stop for a bitcoin buyer is an exchange. There are many crypto traders in Estonia, given the legal status of digital assets in the country. Other than traders, some exchanges and sites provide access to these traders. A bitcoin exchange that is secure, safe, reliable, and easy to use comes in handy in this step.

Determine the Payment Method

There are many payment methods for buying bitcoin, but in this case, we are going to use buying bitcoin instantly with credit cards or buy bitcoin instantly with a debit card in Estonia. Alongside buying bitcoin with a credit card, it is also possible to buy the following alternative digital coins: Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). The process is quite easy. Enter the amount of BTC you want to buy at BuyBitcoinInstantlywithCreditCard, Sign up with an exchange such as Coinify, Enter your Bitcoin wallet address, and Input the Debit/credit card details. The exchange will deliver the coins to the wallet address.


Digital assets are taking over across the world, and staying ahead is critical. Buy Bitcoins instantly with a credit card or debit card in Estonia any time you want.